Rainbow Looms: Double Fishtail using your Fingers


So.. after we shared outInverted Fishtail videoyou last week, we finally got around to continue the rainbow loom craze in our house, with this slightly simpler loom band patter – the double fishtail – using your fingers. Finger looming is super popular in our house, as my kids are only 6 and 4yrs old (the video stars Red Ted! aged six.. so do excuse him, for the odd off screen wandering hand – finger loom pattern really is easy, so shouldn’t be a problem). But I digress… we were given our firstRainbow Loomsset from Cuthberts Toys a few months ago and though Red Ted could manage the peg board – just – he also found it frustrating. making rainbow loom bracelets with the finger looming technique has changed all that. Suddenly, he is looming away all day and his little 4yrs old sister is followig suit. Perfect.

Finger Looming - Double Fishtail Pattern for Rainbow Loom Bands

我真的很喜欢的事织机乐队——esp必威体育投注下载ecially theFingerLoom Band patterns – is how the kids are all teaching each other. Yes, I like to craft with my kids, but certain things, I feel are “theirs” and kids listen to other kids.

So.. here we go to Red Ted, aged 6, teaching us how to make thedouble fishtail. Wonderful.

Double Fishtail using your Fingers - great for younger kids

Doesn’t it look pretty? It looks great in random patterns, or why not go for a rainbow rainbow loom bracelet!!

Our Double Fishtail Finger Loom Video How To

Supe easy, isn’t it? Now do take care when Finger Looming, that you don’t leave the bands on your fingers too long. I always tell my kid sto take a break (use to two pens to hold the pattern), if the bands start feeling tight whilst finger looming!

Now, once you have mastered the double fishtail, why not check out ourInverted Fishtail Pattern!

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