Melted Crayon Rocks: Gifts That Kids Can Make


Here is a post that I have been meaning to share for AAAAGES, part of the recent “Gifts That Kids Can Make” series of ideas:Broken Crayon Rocks. These are the perfectFather’s Day Craft. It is also the best way to use upbroken crayonsand to avoid them going into landfill!

Easy Crayon Rock Paper Weights. These are super fun to make and a great Father's Day Gift or Gift that Kids Can Make at Christmas. If your child loves Rocks, make this easy rock craft!! Great for using up broken crayons too. Or make it as a year end Teacher's Gift #fathersday #crayons #rocks #paperweights #giftskidscanmake #teachersgifts
First published in Sept 2013 and republished for you convenience!

Crayon Rocksmake excellent paper weights and are a lovely gift to any family friend of relative. As you can see we have made several. Not only do they make a great gift, but hey are an excellent way to “recycle” those odd bits and pieces of crayons you ay have lying around the house and they are a fascinating craft for kids to make. Who doesn’t like melting things and seeing what will happen?

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On to the craft!

Gifts That Kids Can Make: Crayon Rocks

Materials: large smooth stone, old crayons in assorted colours with the paper removed, an oven,oven gloves, newspaper, heat proof surface

Note: Adult supervision may be required when handling hot items from an oven.

How to make rock paper weights!

Do watch the video on auto play or follow the written instructions below!

1) Place the stones in the oven and heat to 100C (or set it on ‘medium’). Bake for 15-20minutes. The stones need to be hot. Do not make them too hot or you risk the rock exploding (this has NEVER happened to me or anyone I know.. but I have been warned “just in case” !)

2) Prepare your work surface. Place several layers of newspaper on top of a heat proof surface such as a wooden chopping board. You will find that the wax melts right through the paper, so make sure you use lots of layers, and do not use your best wooden chopping board!

3) With the oven gloves, remove one hot stone at a time from the oven and place it on your work surface.

4) Take your crayon and gently rest it on your stone and move it across a little – letting the crayon melt and pour down the sides.

5) Repeat with the next colour etc. The colours will mix and mingle beautifully.

6) We made two stones in rainbow colour and used the colours in this order: red, orange, yellow, light green, green, blue, purple, pink. The second stone we reversed the colour order! The final paper weight we used blues, greens and.

7) Let the stones cool off. You will find a small pool of crayon will have collected at the bottom, you may wish to give this a good rub, so that it doesn’t come off when used as a paperweight. (Note: the underside of your rock will remain untouched, save for the crayon that has run down the sides and collected there).

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